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Road regulation

Road regulation

Definition of a three-wheeled motorcycle

The definition of a three-wheeled motorcycle used by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec is as follows:
Any motorcycle that is not equipped with a sidecar and meets all the following criteria:

  • designed so that the three wheels remain in contact with the ground when operated;
  • designed so that the wheels remain perpendicular to the road surface when turning;
  • has seating on which all occupants must sit astride;
  • whose frame does not partially or completely enclose the driver and passenger, other than the part of the vehicle in front of the driver and the seat backrest.

Any two-wheeled motorcycle on which is mounted a converter kit made of a metal structure as well as a pair of auxiliary wheels aligned with the rear wheel axis of the motorcycle is also considered a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Source: SAAQ

Requirements to Operate a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

To operate a three-wheeled motorcycle in Québec, you must:

  • hold a valid Class 6A driver's licence or probationary licence (all types of motorcycles);
  • hold a valid 6A learner's licence (all types of motorcycles) and operate your vehicle in the presence of an accompanying driver;
  • hold a valid Class 5 driver's licence (passenger vehicle) and successfully complete the Road Safety Education Program – Operating a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle driving course.

Some medical requirements may also apply.

Holders of a class 5 learner's licence and probationary licence cannot operate a three-wheeled motorcycle.

The Road Safety Education Program–Operating a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle driving course

You can register for this driving course with a motorcycle driving school recognized by the Association québécoise du transport et des routes (AQTR) (in French).

Length of the Course
The driving course lasts a minimum of 7 hours and consists of the following:

  • 3 hours of theoretical instruction;
  • 2 hours of practice driving on a closed circuit track;
  • 2 hours of on-road practice.

Course Objectives
The course promotes safe, cooperative and responsible driving. It prepares drivers to operate a three-wheeled motorcycle and educates them about the related risks that are inherent to a motorcycle operator, the motorcycle and the environment.

It is important to bear in mind that drivers of a three-wheeled motorcycle are at added risk because this type of vehicle does not have an external body, airbags or bumpers for protection. Given that these motorcycles are relatively new to the road, drivers are particularly vulnerable, since other road users may be unsure of how to share the road with this type of vehicle.


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