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Definition of a 3-Wheel Motorcycle

Here is the definition of a 3-Wheel Motorcycle according to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec:

A motorcycle that does not have a side-car and that:

  • is designed to move on 3 wheels in contact with the ground
  • is designed so that its wheels remain perpendicular to the road in curves
  • is equipped with seats that the riders must straddle
  • does not have a structure partially or entirely concealing the driver and passenger, except the part in front of the driver and the seat backrest

All 2-wheel motorcycles on which a conversion kit—composed of a metal structure and of a pair of auxiliary wheels aligned on the axle of the motorcycle’s back wheel—has been installed are also considered to be 3-wheel motorcycles

Source: SAAQ

Requirements for driving a 3-Wheel Motorcycle

In the province of Quebec, if you wish to drive a 3-Wheel Motorcycle, you must hold:

a valid Class 6A (all motorcycle) driver’s licence or probationary licence


a valid Class 6A (all motorcycle) learner’s licence and travel with an accompanying driver


a valid Class 5 driver’s licence (passenger vehicle) and complete the Road Safety Education Program – Operating a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle driving course

Some medical requirements may be applicable.

You cannot drive a 3-Wheel Motorcycle with a Class 5 learner’s licence and probationary licence.

Road Safety Education Program – Operating a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle driving course

This course is offered at driving schools recognized by the Association québécoise des transports (AQTR)

Course Length

The course is a minimum of 7 hours consisting of:

3 hours of theoretical training

2 hours of closed-track training

2 hours of on-road training

Course Objectives

This course promotes the adoption of a safe, cooperative and responsible driving on the road. It renders the driver capable of driving a 3-wheel motorcycle and promotes awareness of the associated risks. Risks that can come from the rider himself, from the motorcycle and from the environment.

It is important to remember that driving a 3-wheel motorcycle involves additional risks because the driver is not protected by an exterior framework, air bags or bumpers. The novelty of this type of motorcycle can make the driver more vulnerable since other drivers might not know how to share the road with this type of vehicle.

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